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Trousers and Bottoms for Women in Pakistan
We have unique collection of trousers and bottoms designs for women in our store. Parien House is on mission to bring trousers and bottoms designs you always wished for. Explore our trousers category to buy astonishing trousers and bottoms for ladies in Pakistan. Our team fetched these trousers from around the world and hand-picked the best trouser style, color and design for you. We imported these trousers from the western designers and remodeled them according to cultural needs. We bet you won't find these trousers anywhere else in Pakistan. Our professional designers flew to different countries in hunt of best fabric for trousers and designed the trousers in western style that also fulfills the eastern need.

Trouser Style
We offer you to choose your trouser style from a range of trousers for ladies. A mix of trousers is available on our store that you can buy for yourself. Our short ruffle styled trousers are of one of their kind. We have stripped casual pants which are viral among girls this season. The palazzo trouser style is the one loved the most by women from our store. We have long trousers for different occasion be is gym, sports, formal wear, casual bottom or anything. The button fly trousers are best selling style of trouser for ladies so far.
Bell Bottom Trousers
Bell bottom trousers are very loved by some girls. This trouser style is perfect for a party event. The name is self-explanatory. They make a bell at the bottom of trousers that is why called bell bottom trousers. These trousers can be wore with skirts, shorts shirts and even kurtis. Stripped trousers would make a great bell bottom because they can be combined with different designs and would be quite unique. We recommend to try out these in a combination of accessories.
Capri Trousers
Capri trousers are cropped pants which are cropped from the bottom of trouser. These trousers are above the knee. Capri are one third trousers that is why also called flood pants. You can imagine how you would fold your trouser up in a flood. The design of this trousers named it capri trouser. They are generally narrow from the bottom. Capri pants can be wore with tops and shirts. We recommend wearing a heal with these trousers to make yourself an extra pinch of fashion and you will win the party. If you are short stick the extra clothing of your top in your capri and this will make you look a little taller. This is a perfect hack for short heightened girls.
Trouser Design 2018-19
Explore some cool trouser design 2018 - 2019 on our store. We always try to bring exciting and new trousers design on our online shop. Our team has hunted for the best designs available and made it possible for you to buy them in Pakistan. We have a dynamic team of expert designers who keep our store updated with trendy trouser design. Make sure you checkout our latest design of trousers for ladies.

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