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Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

Please browse through our Exchange Policy on this page to know our exchange processes and be certain that your item is eligible for return.

You’ll have 7(seven) days after a product is sent to you to inform us which you would like to Exchange the merchandise. This means if the product was sent e.g. on the 5th of this month, then you have until the 12th to start exchange process. If the item You Would like to return satisfies the standards mentioned under, your exchange could be initiated by help-desk that is available 24/7.

Returning a product is simple, just follow the Actions mentioned below:
1. Assess if your product fulfills all needs
2. Go to our help-desk and submit a ticket
3. Fill out the return type
4. Pack things and attach the return label
5. Order product pickup or drop off
6. Your returned item will be Quality Checked